Shane's Home Theatre

I have a Sanyo PLC-9000E video projector. Maximum image size according to Sanyo is 300 inches along the diagonal. I have a 120 inch (3.05 meter) screen in my lounge room.

The Sanyo PLC-9000E projector is a 3-panel XGA LCD projector. Brightness is 1500 lumens. The projector updates the display at 100Hz (and because it's an LCD projector the image doesn't flicker at all).

My projector has many different video inputs (click here to see a photo).

Quake 3 Arena (for Linux)

Quake 3 picture

TV, DVD and emulation of an arcade game

...all at once!


This picture was taken with the room lights on and yet the image still appears bright.

Virtual world!

The following picture was taken before I bought a proper screen. The image has been projected onto the (brown) window blind in my lounge room. The background image on my desktop is a photo of what I would normally see outside my lounge room window! One day I plan to put an "Internet camera" on the window ledge so I can get real-time updates.


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Last update: 16 June 2001