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Go Big

Go Big is a full-screen program launcher for Gnome.


sequence_algorithm.hpp provides a convenient interface to the algorithms defined in the C++ STL algorithm header file.

where_am_i for Python

where_am_i reports the conditions that have to be satisfied for a specified line in a Python program to be reached. VIM plugin included.

Ada tag file generator


A tag is a word with an associated file and search string. Tags can be used to quickly find where something is defined in a program.

The tag file generated by this program can be used by VIM.

The source archive also contains a utility I call "where_am_i". If you pass it the name of an Ada source file and a line-number it'll report what package and subprogram is defined at the specified line and what conditions have to be satisfied for the specified line to be executed! It's very handy to have when working on long subprograms with many levels of indentation.

gcvsdiff : show output of CVS diff in gvim


This is a simple script that inserts fold markers into the output of cvs diff. The output will initially be displayed in VIM with one line (a fold) per file which has been changed. Within the fold for each file will be a fold for each section that has been changed. (Type za in VIM to open/close a fold. VIM version 6.0 or later is required.)

scat : source code analysis tool

scat shows function call graphs. Moving the mouse pointer onto an arc in the function call graph causes scat to show the conditons that have to be satisfied for the function call to occur. It is hoped that this tool will greatly reduce the time it takes to understand programs and that it will be especially useful when good design documentation is not available.

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Really really old pages...

My VideoLAN (Linux DVD player) page
I wrote an X-Video output plugin for VideoLAN.

Java applets
(I've not been able to view these applets in a web browser for quite some time. A Java plugin must first be installed and you need to somehow get a modern Java plugin to "trust" that these applets that don't do anything of a security concern are safe to run. I've not run Java applets on my Android devices: I find it a little odd that they don't just work on Android given that most Android applications are written in Java.)

Last update: 15 August 2015