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I use VideoLAN to play DVDs under Linux. I bought "PowerDVD" for Windoze but no longer use it because VideoLAN gives me better sound and video quality. (Click here for information about my system.)

VideoLAN is an open-source project. It compiles on many different operating systems. It can play encrypted DVDs, MPEGs from a hard-disk and MPEG streams received from a network.

I have contributed some code to the VideoLAN project. I have supplied some bug-fixes and I wrote the first version of the XVideo output module.

Go get it...


Here are some patches I've written. These add features not yet available in the code from the VideoLAN CVS repository. (Some of these patches are reasonably old and might not apply cleanly to the recent VideoLAN source.)

Optimizing Performance

Features I'd like to add to VideoLAN

DVD Web-links

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Last update: 6 July 2001